What servers and devices are exposed on my network?

Data to help you secure your business

Get the information you need to prevent threats and improve overall security. Explore some of the primary use cases to see how Censys™ data can help you and your organization.

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Understand your exposure

Reduce risk from unknown and unpatched servers. Discover unpatched, vulnerable services so you can update them.

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Protect your brand

Prevent phishing and domain impersonation to protect employees, customers, and brand.

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Hunt for threats

Stop targeted attacks. Find and explore adversary infrastructure and stop threats before they cause damage.

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Understanding your exposure requires a global perspective

In the past, centrally-managed servers and dedicated networks made it straightforward to identify and contain security risks.

Businesses are moving to the cloud for convenience and efficiency, but shifting infrastructure from a single, managed location comes at a cost—loss of visibility. You can’t protect what you don’t know.

Censys continuously scans every host on the Internet providing IT and security teams with real-time visibility into unknown and potentially vulnerable servers.

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