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Your Attack Surface is Evolving... and Growing

It’s increasingly complicated to keep track of what’s yours. Discover unknown vulnerabilities beyond traditional assets: in the cloud, IoT, and your remote workforce.

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The Most Complete View of the Internet

Censys is the most reputable, exhaustive, and up-to-date source of Internet scan data in the world, so you see everything.

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Censys Is Here
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The Internet is constantly evolving and expanding. Your business's risks are no exception. Censys helps you track your publicly exposed assets as technology moves to the cloud, workers become more distributed, and you accumulate security debt through mergers & acquisitions and third-party services.

Censys is Here to Help

Discover & Remediate Threats in Your Digital Landscape

The team behind the open-source ZMap Internet Scanner created Censys to help organizations understand their external exposure.

Discover and remediate threats

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Censys Solutions

Internet-facing businesses continually change. Censys keeps you in control.

Attack Surface Management Icon Attack Surface Management

Keeping track of publicly exposed assets can be difficult, especially as companies migrate to the cloud, workforces are more distributed, and companies can suddenly acquire security debt from mergers or acquisitions.

HNRI Icon Home Network Risk Identifier

With a mass shift to working from home, attack surfaces have exploded to include the home networks of the entire remote workforce, and those networks have no security protections. HNRI helps you fill this critical gap and secure your employees' home networks.

Data Icon Censys Search & API

Tracking Threat Actors requires broad, up-to-date, and easily-pivotable Internet-wide scan data. While OSINT tools like nmap, mass scan, and zmap are great (especially for one-offs), they often require significant overhead to manage at scale.

Integrations Icon Bulk Internet Data

While open source tools help you identify most Internet services, collecting comprehensive data is difficult, and requires international infrastructure, scanning thousands of ports, and manually labeling services and devices. Censys provides bulk IP and certificate data to use within your own systems.

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