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Security driven by data

Just like people use popular search engines to find relevant content on the Internet, Censys allows users to discover the devices, networks, and infrastructure on the Internet and monitor how it changes over time.


Censys was created in 2015 at the University of Michigan, by the security researchers who developed ZMap, the most widely used tool for Internet-wide scanning. Over the past five years, the team has performed thousands of Internet-wide scans, consisting of trillions of probes, and has played a central role in the discovery or analysis of some of the most significant Internet-scale vulnerabilities: FREAK, Logjam, DROWN, Heartbleed, and the Mirai botnet.

Today, Censys has become the gold standard in data-driven security, and has answered millions of questions from researchers, corporations, and government users. To better serve this growing demand, in the fall of 2017, Censys spun out of the university into its own company, offering enhanced services, technical support, and an even more complete and powerful view of the Internet.

Read more about our history and the many people who together contributed to this technology.

Our Team

Our founding team combines the world's leading experts on Internet-wide security scanning with experienced business leaders with a history of successful security startups.

Brian Kelly

Brian Kelly


Brian has been helping build startup software products and companies for over 10 years, including TrustBearer Labs (acquired by Symantec), Duo Security, and Nutshell.

Zakir Durumeric

Zakir Durumeric


Zakir is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. He helped pioneer Internet-wide scanning as a security tool as one of the creators of ZMap and Censys.

David Adrian

David Adrian

Principal Engineer

As a Ph.D. candidate at Michigan, David was the lead developer of the Censys research project, and he devised measurement-based approaches to discover and correct security problems.

David Concoran

David Corcoran


Dave is a serial software startup operator and angel investor. After co-founding TrustBearer Labs with Brian Kelly, he joined Elevate Ventures and made a number of B2B software investments.

Alex Halderman

J. Alex Halderman

Chief Scientist

Alex is a Professor of Computer Science at Michigan. He helped create ZMap, discover the Cold Boot attack and the TLS Logjam and DROWN vulnerabilities, and co-founded Let's Encrypt.

Investor Advisors

Dug Song

Dug Song

Founder/CEO Duo Security
Jon Oberheide

Jon Oberheide

Founder/CTO Duo Security
HD Moore

HD Moore

Founder Metasploit