To help secure organizations by providing visibility into what they have exposed on the Internet.

It’s no longer sufficient for organizations to only protect servers and devices on managed, corporate networks. In order to get a comprehensive view of their public-facing attack surface, organizations must adopt an Internet-wide perspective and gain visibility into both known and unknown infrastructure, including vulnerable, unpatched servers and devices.

Founded by Security Researchers

The foundational technology behind Censys was designed by researchers at the University of Michigan. This team also created the ZMap Scanner, which helped popularize Internet-wide scanning.

Their original goal was to provide researchers with a way to measure if Internet security was actually improving. To accomplish this, they needed to track security vulnerabilities on every reachable server and device on the Internet, and collect as much data as possible about those hosts. The result was a searchable map of the Internet, which became a powerful tool for security researchers.

This map also proved valuable to the broader information security community. Corporate security teams and consultants were also using it to identify business infrastructure and to prevent unnecessary exposure on the Internet.

In 2017, the founding research team partnered with two seasoned product leaders to build a company with the mission of helping organizations secure themselves through visibility and real-time data.

Company Leadership

Our leadership team combines the world's leading experts on Internet-wide security scanning with experienced business leaders with a history of successful security startups.

David Concoran

David Corcoran

Chief Executive Officer

Dave is a serial software startup entrepreneur, angel investor, and recognized expert in the identity and authentication space. He was CEO and founder of TrustBearer Labs, which was acquired by Symantec.

David Concoran

Lorne Groe

Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer

Lorne Groe spent a decade in investment banking, and then spent over a decade building businesses in the tech industry. Lorne was the CFO and COO of Deepfield Networks, an Ann Arbor startup aquired by Nokia in 2016.

David Adrian

David Adrian

Engineering Manager

David received his PhD from the University in Michigan, where he was the lead developer on Censys. His research used Internet-wide scanning to study cryptography. David is a former Duo Security intern.

Research Leadership

Zakir Durumeric

Zakir Durumeric

Chief Technologist

Zakir is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University. He helped pioneer Internet-wide scanning as one of the creators of ZMap and Censys.

Alex Halderman

J. Alex Halderman

Chief Scientist

Alex is a Professor of Computer Science at Michigan. He helped create ZMap, discover the Cold Boot attack and the TLS Logjam and DROWN vulnerabilities, and co-founded Let's Encrypt.

Advisors & Investors

HD Moore

HD Moore

Founder Metasploit

HD is a security researcher and consultant well known for creating Metasploit. HD previously led the Project Sonar project at Rapid7.

Dug Song

Dug Song

General Manager of Duo, Now a part of Cisco

Dug is a renowned security researcher and industry leader. Prior to launching Duo (acquired by Cisco), he spent seven years as Chief Security Architect at Arbor Networks.

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Mapping the Internet

Censys uses Internet scan data to give organizations the visibility they need to defend against attacks and improve their overall security hygiene