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Attack Surface Management

Move Fearlessly Forward
ASM 101

What is Attack Surface Management?

Attack Surface Management is an emerging approach to proactive security measures. At Censys, we don’t just strive to be industry leaders. We aim to be industry creators, helping organizations realize a safe, secure, confident world of information. Learn about ASM basics here.

ASM is ever-seeking.

Attack Surface Management is part technology and part humanity. Built from our best-in-class Internet Discovery Algorithm and cloud connectors, our ASM tools seek and find. Knowing is powerful, but it takes partnership to create action. We work with our clients to move swiftly and confidently.

ASM is comprehensive.

We continually check all of your Internet assets (even the ones you didn’t know about) for misconfigurations and security problems regardless of provider. Our workflows allow you to feed your existing security tools like your VM and CSPM providers with newly found assets as well as automatically create tickets when egregious security problems are identified.

ASM gives back time and money.

Mismanaged cloud services regularly lead to massive data breaches, which can cost remediation time and fines. Censys helps uncover incorrectly configured cloud assets, projects, and accounts, as well as aids in the transition of assets to managed cloud accounts.

ASM helps you take control.

Exposed data can easily bring your organization out of compliance. Censys checks all of your Internet assets for security weaknesses that could bring your organization out of compliance.

Our best-in-class attack surface management can see it all.

Our world-leading Attack Surface Management gives organizations a sixth sense — relentlessly monitoring assets, seeing the unseen, and proactively giving security teams an opportunity to solve issues before they have a chance to take place.

This isn’t security by defense. This is a system of vigilant offense that constantly looks at everything from HTTP hosts to message brokers to remote desktop exposure to network printers. Seeking potential breaches, shoring up leaks in your protocols, and mapping any potential weak points. Helping you stay one step ahead of risk, and seeing threats before they become complications.

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Why Censys External Attack Surface Management (EASM)?

Don’t compromise on security.

Continuous Internet Asset Discovery and Inventory

Your attack surface isn't simply your known world — it’s also the vast, extended, unseen digital environments where vital information is stored, shared, hidden, sent, and moved in unforeseen ways. Censys Attack Surface Management discovers unknown and unmanaged internet-facing assets — including services, hosts, websites, storage buckets, and cloud accounts — across all clouds and networks in real time.

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Risk Detection and Remediation

There are too many factors to your data and assets to keep it all straight, up-to-date, and accounted for. That is precisely why we exist. Mismanaged cloud configurations. Expiring certificates. Aging and vulnerable properties. Through our industry-unmatched algorithmic discovery and automated attribution, we're always on. Always seeing. Always helping.

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M&A and Subsidiary Risk Analysis

Your biggest risks can come from combining complex data worlds. We're here to help you shine a light on all of it. Unknown assets across cloud providers. Disparate approaches and resulting shadows. We bring confidence to your boldest organizational moves.

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Cloud Security and Governance

The cloud presents endless organizational advantages. And endless opportunities for open doors. Our scans of the internet go wider and deeper than anyone to find the potential misconfigurations and help you shore them up. Because we all love to sleep at night.

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See your attack surface in real time.

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The most dangerous threat to any organization is that which is unknown and a great ASM tool helps illuminate the risks you never knew you had, like Shadow IT assets, S3 Bucket misconfigurations, and more. This current lack of visibility into imminent threats is why a combined 80% of cybersecurity decision-makers surveyed by Forrester are implementing or piloting an ASM solution in 2022.
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