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The Forrester External Attack Surface Management Landscape Report | Download Now
We look everywhere. So you can look forward.

Risk Detection and Remediation

Let's take control. Eliminate risks with ease and precision.

We find threats. So you can seek opportunities.

At Censys, we peer into every corner of the internet to shed light on the assets that are at risk on the Internet. How? We created next-level algorithmic discovery that automates the process of finding vulnerabilities quickly and provides your team with as much context to remediate issues faster. It is the most accurate, comprehensive, and up-to-date view of your attack surface.

Continuous, accurate risk data for rapid response.

One of the primary objectives of the Censys ASM Platform is to shrink your organization’s attackable surface area, and because risks garner the most adversarial attention, Censys provides risk detection for over 120 different types, with actionable remediation recommendations to eliminate or mitigate each risk.

Integrate for maximum potential.

Integrate Censys ASM data into existing vulnerability management, web security, and cloud security tools to continuously discover, monitor, and identify Internet weaknesses and misconfigurations — including expiring certificates, End-of-Life software, and insecure TLS configurations — that traditional tools don’t monitor.

With our ASM platform and Workspaces, keeping your perimeter secure only requires that you act on the risks reported to you through the platform.

See your attack surface in real time.

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