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Announcing Censys Paid Plans

Last summer, Censys began a new chapter: we graduated from the University of Michigan and became a company. This transition will help Censys become an even more powerful tool for securing devices and networks, and it allows us to offer Censys to businesses and enterprises for the first time. Today, we’re introducing Censys Basic, Censys Pro, and Censys Enterprise paid plans, which allow commercial use and include technical support.

What is Censys?

For those just tuning in, Censys is a platform that monitors the hosts and devices that are publicly reachable on the Internet. We collect data from Internet-wide scans, certificate transparency logs, and other sources, enhance it with information about network vulnerabilities, and make the results accessible through powerful search tools and APIs. It’s a bit like Google Street View for what’s attached to the Internet—it shows the external services running on public IP addresses worldwide.

Censys began at the University of Michigan, as part of a research effort to use large-scale data to improve network security. We started by creating ZMap, the go-to tool for conducting Internet-wide scans. Even with ZMap, Internet-wide scanning is hard—it requires time, bandwidth, and significant expertise. In order to make the power of Internet-wide scanning more accessible, we built Censys, which allows users to query scan data we collect easily and interactively.

Censys has proved to be indispensable for understanding Internet security at many scales—from the health of individual systems and networks to that of entire countries and the global populations of devices and hosts. Industry-leading security teams and CERTs rely on it to assess the global impact of new vulnerabilities, and hundreds of peer-reviewed research papers have used our data and tools.

We’ve used Censys data ourselves to uncover or better understand some of the most significant Internet security vulnerabilities of recent years. We helped discover the Logjam and DROWN TLS vulnerabilities, detected widespread weak cryptographic keysin network devices, tracked the impact of FREAKPOODLE, and Heartbleed, monitored the health of the HTTPS certificate ecosystem, and took part in the first comprehensive study of the Mirai botnet.

Enterprises and security professionals have found Censys valuable too, and generate hundreds of thousands of queries every day. Companies use it to assess their increasingly-complex network attack surfaces, letting them discover devices and assets that they didn’t know were publicly exposed. They also use it to monitor how their names appear across the HTTPS PKI, and to check up on the security of their vendors and service providers.

Censys Paid Plans

Since Censys became a company last summer, we’ve been working to make the service a reliable and sustainable resource for users from across the security ecosystem. Today, we’re introducing three new paid product plans. All these plans include technical support and, for the first time, the right to use the service for commercial purposes. (Previously, as a condition imposed by one of the research project's sponsors, Censys was only licensed for non-commercial use.) The new plans are:

    Censys Basic – Web and API access for individuals starting at $99 per month
    Censys Pro – Web and API access for teams starting at $999 per month
    Censys Enterprise – Complete data access for companies that build products powered by Censys data. This license includes direct database access for high volume, complex queries, as well as historical and offline data access.

We will also continue to offer free accounts for personal, non-commercial use, and free data for the research community.

If you already have a Censys account, it will become a Censys Free account. This tier will provide access to the same Censys web interface, API, and search capabilities that you’ve been using, but it is licensed for only non-commercial use. The number of results returned per query and the total number of queries allowed per month will be limited for Censys Free accounts. You can upgrade to one of the new paid plans from your Censys Account page.

Today marks an exciting next step for Censys. As a company, we will continue to enhance Censys with additional protocols and new capabilities, bringing an even more complete and powerful view of the Internet to our users. We’ll also continue the broader mission behind the original Censys research: to bring increased scientific rigor to the security field, and to help security be driven by data.

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