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Product Demos

See Censys Attack Surface Management In Action


May 13, 2022


June 15th at 12pm ET


Censys Attack Surface Management (ASM) provides an instant and complete view into your Internet-facing attack surface. By providing a comprehensive profile of the IT assets on the internet, defenders are empowered with the visibility and insights they need to protect themselves, stay ahead of attackers, and build more secure solutions.

Need to see it to believe it? Join us for our live product demo to see how security teams are using Censys ASM to understand and protect their organization’s digital footprint. In just 30 minutes our product experts will answer questions from the audience and show you how to:

  • Get total visibility into your Internet and cloud exposure
  • Leverage this visibility to prioritize, and remediate your riskiest Internet weaknesses
  • Operationalize your attack surface insights across your security stack for end-to-end risk management

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