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Censys data is trusted by just over half of the Fortune 500, several large government agencies and by customers in over fourteen countries. Our customers rely on Censys data to get the global visibility they need of their attack surfaces in order to proactively prevent nation-state attacks and emerging threats.

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Our Story

Founded by Security Researchers

The foundational technology behind Censys was designed by researchers at the University of Michigan, who created the ZMap Scanner, which helped popularize Internet-wide scanning in 2012.

One of the goals of the ZMap Project was to provide researchers with a way to measure if Internet security was improving. With the public spotlight shining on security vulnerabilities and the products that could fix them, the team wanted to understand if overall security was improving as a result of those highly-promoted solutions.

With the ZMap scanner, the team was able to track security vulnerabilities on every reachable server and device on the Internet and collect as much data as possible about those hosts. The result was a searchable map of the Internet, which quickly became a powerful and widely used tool for security researchers.

This tool also proved valuable to the broader information security community. IT and security teams were actively using the ZMap scanner to identify and discover unknown corporate infrastructure and to prevent unnecessary exposure on the Internet.

In 2017, part of the original research team teamed up with two seasoned executives to form Censys, with the mission of helping organizations protect themselves with visibility and real-time data.

Since then, the team has grown to continue adding to and enriching our data. While continuing to develop our foundational, near real-time data, the company has scaled to focus on building a SaaS product offering that democratizes the usability of Internet security data for IT teams across all industries.


The world's leading experts on Internet-wide security scanning with experienced business leaders.

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Dave Corcoran
CEO, Co-founder
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David Adrian
Engineering Manager, Co-founder
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Zakir Durumeric
Chief Technologist, Co-founder
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J. Alex Halderman
Chief Scientist, Co-founder
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Lorne Groe
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Jasmine Burns
Head of People
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Jose Nazario
VP of Product

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