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We’re a group of passionate people helping to secure organizations by providing visibility into every server and device connected to the Internet. We believe the first step of security is visibility, which is why we present the most comprehensive view of our customers’ organizations.

As a fast-growing startup headquartered in Ann Arbor, Michigan, we’re looking for people who care about helping organizations protect themselves, their customers, and their data.

If you want to join us in partnering with customers to build a data-driven solution and also have a lot of fun in the meantime, we want to hear from you.

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity. All employment is decided solely on the basis of qualifications, merit, and business need--and nothing else. The more inclusive our team is, the easier our mission will be to accomplish. We recognize that a more diverse team means a stronger, better product and a healthier environment for everyone.

Our Story

We Value







We Believe In

Humility, teamwork, risk-taking

The upset is in the mind of the favorite. Work towards our strengths. Take every opponent, challenge, seriously. Break down silos. Believe we can win. Many decisions and actions are reversible and do not need extensive study. Calculated risk taking.

Building and learning together

We extract the best from our academic roots. We believe in continuous learning and mentoring. Bring your skills and experience to us, and we’ll strive to cultivate them and grow with you. We believe in taking an empirical approach to solving problems, and constantly working together to come to a solution, even if it wasn’t your original idea. Cite your sources, and update your strategy when you learn new things.

Empathetic pragmatism

Let’s be real, and also kind. Welcome challenges. Always assume the best intentions from the actions of others. We’re moving fast, not everything is going to be perfect, and we’ll learn from our failures.

Autonomous accountability

Everyone is empowered to make decisions. We respect and hold each other accountable. We operate with full transparency, honesty, and respect. Bias towards action & growth mindset. Get stuff done.

Finding the balance to work better

We want to cultivate an environment where you can bring your best self to work and we want to help each other find balance between work and the things that make us happy outside of work—be it family, pets, camping, baking, or prepping (we have at least two preppers!)



Full medical, dental, and vision insurance from the first day of employment.


Automatically enrolled in company-paid short and long term disability as well as life insurance at no cost to employee.

Paid Time Off

Unlimited PTO and 9 Company Paid Holidays.


Parking Stipend for Commuters.

Parental Leave

3 Months 100% pay for primary caregivers, 6 weeks 100% for secondary caregivers. One month transition period (32 hours/week) upon returning to work.


Snacks & Lunches

All the free snacks you could want, weekly catered in lunch and other occasional events.

Flexible Environment

Flexible working hours, open office environment, opportunity to collaborate with every team in the company.

Unlimited Book Budget

Want a book or reading material that will help you grow personally or professionally? We’ll buy it for you!

Our Interview Process

We believe every candidate should be interviewed fairly and consistently across the company. We also respect your time and understand that you may be trying to balance real life with job interviews. If you’re a candidate with us, here’s what to expect as you make your way through our interview process:

01 Application Review

This stage is for the hiring team to review your background, skills, and experience. This is typically a resume review, where we check to ensure you meet most or all of the qualifications of the position. We also note if you have any interesting skills or experiencethat could be invaluable to our team.

02 Recruiter Screen

This is typically a 30-minute phone call to actually chat and get an introduction to the person behind the resume. Some are shorter, others can be an hour! It depends on how many questions the recruiter (and you) have. We’ll cover your experience in detail and seek to understand your goals and what excites you.. We ask that you do your research on our company, our values, our product, and bring questions! We may also cover compensation expectations, relocation, if necessary, and other related topics.

03 Hiring Manager Screen

This stage is usually around a 30-45 minute phone or video call between you and the hiring manager (typically the person you would report to) to discuss the role in more details. If you’ve applied for a technical role, this stage is where you can show off your technical skills. Bring examples of projects you’ve worked on and skills you’ve picked up in your career.

04 Job Exercise

This stage is particularly for our more technical roles (typically within our product or engineering departments) and is meant to validate your skills in practical application. We’ll send over an exercise of some sort related to the role you’re applying for (a coding exercise or sales presentation, for example). We love questions in this phase! This isn’t a pass/fail exercise, but a way for us to better understand your skills and your unique approach.

05 On Site Interviews

For us, we feel like this is actually a mutual interview. We are pretty certain you’re a great candidate and you’re in the final stages in making a decision on whether or not Censys is the right step for you in your career. You may interview with 2-3 people at once or in one-on-ones.. You’ll get a tour of our office and meet a lot of people on the team. Be yourself! Dress comfortably. You can expect to be onsite with us anywhere between 3 and 4 hours.

06 Debrief

After you leave, the team you met with will come together and review your experience and skills and any exercises you’ve done and try to make a hiring decision. Usually, this happens within a couple days after your onsite meeting.

07 Offer

If the team decides we want you on the team, you’ll work closely with your recruiter on putting together an offer that everyone is comfortable with.

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