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Do It Yourself Asset Discovery

Thursday, September 24, 2020 / Noon EST

Learn 5 Things You Can Do TODAY to Up Your Security Game

What you'll learn

  • You have tools already, and things are going well in the SOC, but you’re still only getting a fraction of your stuff with these tools and processes. In fact, Censys helped A US-based Fortune 500 Company discover 59.9% more assets than they previously were monitoring using other vendors. In other words, they were only monitoring 40.1% of their attack surface before using Censys.1 In the absence of a view of the entire internet, you can’t see all the things hiding in dark corners that may pose a risk to your organization; but we’ll show you how.
  • The attack surface is growing, and visibility is shrinking, due to the enormous boom in people working from home. We’ll show you how to ensure your employees’ home attack surfaces are secure.
  • Over 90% of our demos result in discovery of cloud infrastructure they didn’t know they had. We’ll help you use Censys to gain cloud visibility about multiple cloud environments.

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Morgan Princing
Morgan Princing
Sr Solutions Engineer
Andy Caird
Andy Caird
Sr Quality Assurance Engineer
1 - a Fortune 100 employer of around 500,000 people, based in the United States

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