Censys Enterprise includes all the capabilities of Censys Pro, plus the ability to access and integrate Censys data offline in your own environment. Customers may also use their own BigQuery account with Google Cloud Platform to query Censys Enterprise data using standard SQL.

Premium Enterprise Features

Offline Access

Download and analyze all Censys data locally with your own tools.

Historical IP information

View the history of any IP address. Censys captures a daily snapshot of each IPv4 address and makes this information available in BigQuery and as raw data downloads.

Historical Certificate Information

Query, download, and analyze the details of any digital certificate including expiration and browser trust details. Censys publishes daily snapshots of changes.

Top 1,000 Ports Data New

Lightweight banner grabs on more than 1,000 popular ports across all hosts in the IPv4 address space

High query access

Share 25,000 queries per month across your team

More results per query

Get more results per query: Up to 25,000

Learn more about what exactly is included in each of the Censys datasets

IPv4 Banners New


Alexa Top 1M Websites

Additional features included in Enterprise

Multiple Users

Add your teammates to a single account (flexible use)

BigQuery SQL Access

SQL Access through the sharing of Censys datasets via Google BigQuery* (flexible use)


Raw JSON data files provided for download via censys.io (flexible use)

High Volume API

Share 25,000 API calls per month across your team

Premium Support with SLA

Censys Enterprise customers are given the highest priority support with SLA. If you have a question or concern, we’ll be in touch within 8 business hours by phone (Monday-Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Eastern).

Searching Censys Enterprise data using Google BigQuery

Interested in using Censys data in your own product that you provide to customers? Enrichment and redistribution rights may be added to your Censys Enterprise license.

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