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Use Cases

Censys For Federal Organizations

Empower your team with the most comprehensive Internet scanning technology to outsmart adversaries and continuously monitor your org’s assets. No more second-guessing.

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Empower Your Cyber Defenders With Censys

Fastest worldwide IPv4 scan on the market

101 protocols on top of the 3,500+ ports scanned

Largest (5 billion) certificate repository

Multiple scan perspectives see what others don’t

Censys Attack Surface Management + Discovery Platform

ASM creates a clear picture of your actual attack surface, not just what you think you know about. Continual discovery and monitoring of assets highlight risks and exposures within your organization.

Assist Critical Infrastructure & Key Resource (CIKR) Industries

CIKR sectors require airtight, full visibility security solutions to protect them from cyberattacks. The Censys ASM platform utilizes the most comprehensive, multi-perspective dataset available to produce actionable alerts with minimal interaction.

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Enable Inter/Intra-Agency Security Teams

When working across teams, a single source of truth is needed to effectively and efficiently cross-communicate issues of high importance. With the Censys ASM platform, teams can work from a single data source that gives the most accurate view of the attack surface.

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Censys Data & Search 2.0

We continuously scan 101 protocols across the top 3,500 ports on the full IPv4 address space every 10 days and the top 100 IPv4 ports daily to produce a high-resolution map of the public Internet to give threat hunters, attack surface managers, and other security professionals visibility like never before.

Investigate Suspicious Actors & Defend Against Potential Threats

Using Censys Data and Search, threat hunters track suspicious actors over time and space, enumerate adversary architecture, and ultimately, take down known threats. Robust pivoting, tagging, and comments empower hunters to collaborate across their organizations, ensuring threats have nowhere to hide.

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Identify Internet Trends

Censys Data and Search allows users to spot emergent exploits by mapping the geographic and logical spread of adversary software, including exposed ports and protocols and vulnerable Internet of Things devices.

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See Your Organization’s Attack Surface In Real Time

By requesting a demo, the Censys team can show you your attack surface as it exists today and strategize with your team how to get the most out of the platform. We use the most comprehensive data available to quickly enable security strategies that result in an airtight attack surface.

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