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Forrester Report: Find And Cover Your Assets With Attack Surface Management


January 20, 2022


It is nearly impossible to know every existing digital asset for an organization and whether it’s exposed without an attack surface management platform and strategy. And not because IT teams aren’t diligent in their accounting and protection of digital assets. Shadow IT, a growing number of cloud providers, and an explosion of business moving to the cloud all play a part in adding to the complexity of a company’s attack surface.

What you will learn from the report:

In a recent report, Forrester reviewed the emerging attack surface management market and defined attack surface management use cases for security and risk professionals. You’ll also find in the report:

  • Common IT challenges organizations face (such as shadow IT and cloud misconfigs)
  • How attack surface management mitigates and prevents exposures
  • Where in your IT organization to implement an attack surface management strategy

Your attack surface is your largest threat vector. In a multicloud world, attack surfaces are far larger than you think or able to know without adding outside-in visibility to your attack surface strategy. An attack surface management platform can provide unmatched visibility to discover and manage potential or existing risks, and the data derived can inform decisions across the IT organization to deliver savings in both time and money. Attack surface management is a dynamic, high value tool to help IT orgs stay as nimble as business operations.

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