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Attack Surfaces in Healthcare from a Hacker's Point of View

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Download your free copy of the report: "New Research: Attack Surfaces in Healthcare from a Hacker’s Point of View" for a data-driven look into:

  • How much these different subsectors have adopted the cloud
  • The relative risks each face with exposed databases and other lingering security flaws
  • How these risks map to HIPAA and NIST Cybersecurity Framework guidelines

The healthcare sector is literally a life or death industry, with the potential for widespread public impact in the event of a cyberattack. Coupled to the opportunity to leverage Internet technologies, the larger healthcare industry has grown by leaps and bounds through mergers and consolidations - and businesses have grown their technology footprints in concert. Beyond a talent shortage, healthcare companies are composed of an increasingly fractured environment composed of a patchwork of different vendors, systems, standards, and integrators, which pose challenges to cybersecurity success.

Censys measured the attack surface for the top companies in the healthcare sector across five different sub-sectors: hospitals, health insurance companies, medical device manufacturers, electronic health care record providers, and the pharmaceutical industry. What we found surprised us - these subsectors have, in the aggregate, basic cybersecurity flaws which threaten business intellectual property and patient confidentiality.