You can’t protect what you don’t know. You need a full view of every server and device exposed to the Internet to prevent compromise. With Censys, you can monitor and patch known corporate infrastructure while also discovering unknown assets—anywhere on the Internet.

A comprehensive view

To get the comprehensive view of your organization’s assets, you need real-time data about every server, host, and domain connected to the Internet. With this information, you can discover unknown infrastructure, monitor known assets, and find vulnerabilities so you can patch them and remediate risk.

Data enrichment

Censys collects Internet data about every host online and enriches that data with the security information you need, providing you with the level of insight you need to secure your company. With our data, you’ll have everything you need to analyze potentially insecure corporate infrastructure, prevent phishing and brand impersonation, track known adversaries, and prevent threats.

Get the results in the format you need

You know best what Censys data output will work best for your organization. Whether you need a developer API, SQL, or JSON outputs, we’ve got you covered.

A global perspective of the Internet

Censys derives data from a variety of sources including:

  • Internet-wide network scanning
  • Certificate Transparency logs
  • Routing registries
  • DNS lookups
  • Geolocation data

We enrich our data with layers of relevant information about what is running on each host and make that information accessible through a web search and API interface, as well as providing raw data and SQL access.

What Censys Collects


Hosts scanned


Certificates indexed


Certificates added daily


Probes per second


Hosts updated per second


Active hosts indexed
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Get the visibility necessary to secure your organization

Censys also helps you protect your company against phishing attacks by finding unauthorized websites that are impersonating your brand. Advanced security teams can use Censys for threat hunting and to gain valuable insight into attacker behavior and infrastructure.

Motivated attackers can find any device or host your organization has online. In order to protect against these threats, you need as much actionable insight and visibility as possible about your business.

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