Most organizations have more servers exposed to the public than they realize — often not discovering issues until they’ve been attacked.

Censys helps organizations understand what servers and devices are accessible from the Internet so that they can protect themselves prior to an attack. You can search Censys for assets on networks you own and also to discover unknown hosts on the Internet, which employees often create without considering the security risk these present. This infrastructure discovery process also uncovers any threats that exist, allowing you to mitigate those risks before an attack ever happens.

Find assets on networks you manage

See what Censys has discovered by filtering for networks that are affiliated with your organization.

  • IP address ranges
  • CIDR blocks
  • Autonomous Systems (ASes)
  • Geographic location

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Ford Motor Company servers and devices

Discover unknown assets anywhere on the Internet

Search everything Censys scans, including any of the following attributes:

  • Protocol banners
  • SSH keys and metadata
  • HTTP header and body
  • All x.509 certificate details including domain and hostnames

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Trusted certificates with “” domain

Censys Blog

Finding Oracle Database servers affected by CVE-2018-3110

Discover servers and devices that may have been unintentionally exposed to the Internet. Reduce your organization’s risk by patching or removing servers found by Censys. You can even search for specific versions of software running on servers that are known to be vulnerable.

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Censys customers primarily search for the following types of infrastructure


hosts listening for a TCP or UDP connection on common ports

Internet-connected devices

printers, webcams, appliances

Industrial control systems and building control systems

SCADA, utilities, thermostats, security system cameras, HVAC

Censys Report

Real-Time Dashboard for Relational Database Exposure

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Start scanning your organization

Access real-time data about every host exposed on the Internet and tied to your business.

Case Study

A Large Financial Institution Uses Censys to Get Visibility into Shadow IT

“Censys is one of the ways that we can help catch [employees creating domains] because we'll see these domains in the scan and we can follow up with them on the correct process to follow going forward. The Censys scanning process helps us get some governance around shadow IT.”

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