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Prevent Breaches with Data-Driven Insights

With full visibility over your entire attack surface in near real time, you can regularly monitor and mitigate risks to prevent unnecessary exposures.


Automate your vulnerability management processes and create alerts for new anomalies to protect your company between annual pentests.

Discover Vulnerabilities

Quickly discover if your organization is vulnerable to emerging software bugs and isolate those that require updating.

Focus on What Matters

Cut through alert fatigue so your team can focus on the risks that present a real security threat to your organization.

Reduce Exposure

Monitor, secure, and reduce your attack surface to prevent unnecessary risk.

Customer Quote

"The impact has been huge," Ben said. "A lot of the attacker profiles we've found using Censys have been for significant threats that have the potential to be disastrous for our clients."
Ben Withnell Technical Director
Fireeye · Case Study

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No Black Boxes

Our security insights are backed by fresh, trusted data that you can access right from the dashboard to do your own in-depth exploration.

Get Real Insights within Hours of Setup


Censys Enterprise works without agents and integrates within your existing systems so your team can manage their work without adding complexity to your security program.

Seamlessly Integrate

Censys works with your SIEM, orchestration platforms, and ticketing systems, rather than becoming another pane of glass to manage. Proactively protect your business without additional burden to your team.

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Get a real-time view of all your organization's assets so you can proactively prevent threats.