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Meaningful alerts within your existing workflow

Know when to act and exactly which assets within your infrastructure require your attention.

Alerts that matter to you

While there’s no shortage of data to alert you on, most IT teams are faced with the challenge of trying to sort through the noise and volume of those notifications. You need visibility into all of your assets, known and unknown, and the changes and events connected to them, but there are so many that the problem simply becomes one of management and cost. Often, these alerts come with additional costs for each notification, forcing you to choose which notifications are critical and which can remain hidden in the background. Obviously this isn’t an ideal scenario from a security perspective, because you’re forced to create and accept your own blindspots. For larger, distributed IT teams, only certain notifications are necessary for your specific team and responsibilities and everything else becomes a distraction from your workflow. To cut through the noise, you need notifications and alerts that actually matter to you and your team, within the systems you’re already working within. That’s where Censys alerts and notifications can help.

Fully Customizeable

You can fully customize alerts based on risk severity, type or location of the asset, or based on the areas of the business your team is responsible for.

Less Noise

Rather than just adding noise to your already overflowing IT management processes, you can determine which notifications you actually want in near real time. This also helps you prioritize which areas are secured and explored first so you can effectively manage issues that arise.


The parameters you set will allow Censys to automatically find events that match the filter (e.g. activity for a host, new service events, etc) and then send future instances of these events to your logging infrastructure or a security event pipeline.

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