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Built on data trusted by top security researchers

Censys’ data-driven approach helps secure organizations of all sizes against attacks and improve their overall security posture

A global perspective of the Internet

Created by the team behind the ZMap Project, which has been trusted by security researchers since 2013, Censys continuously scans every hosts and certificates on the Internet. This data-driven approach to security helps organizations of every size secure their organizations against attacks and improve their overall security posture.

Censys Enterprise helps you protect your organization’s attack surface from a simple, clean dashboard interface and enables notifications and change mapping technologies, all backed by our trusted data.

From that dashboard, you can pivot from any interesting host or notification into our Internet security data to perform your own analysis and investigation.

Fresh Data on Every Asset

Internet security data freshness is just as important as the breadth of data in our data sets. If the data on your organization’s assets is weeks’ old, you may miss newly reported critical vulnerabilities and out-of-date software. Without that near real-time visibility, you may leave those assets exposed and vulnerable to exploits.

Use Cases

Discovery: find cloud-based applications used by your employees. Threat Hunting: monitor and track known adversaries for threat-hunting purposes. Risk Assessments: perform risk assessments for third-party vendors and contractors.

IPv4 Host Deep Scans

The Censys IPv4 data set provides data about the services (e.g., web, mail, and DNS information) running on all publicly-accessible IPv4 hosts.

IPv4 Banners

Lightweight banner grabs on 1000+ most popular TCP ports across all IPv4 hosts in the IPv4 address space.


We collect certificates through Internet-wide scans across multiple services and by synchronizing with public Certificate Transparency servers for comprehensive coverage. We also collect unique certificates and annotate with additional metadata (e.g., browser trust).

Popular Websites

The Censys Websites data set provides data about the common services (web, mail, and DNS) and key security configuration information on the Alexa top one million domains.

Use Cases

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