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Home Network Risk Identifier

Monitor & Protect Your Expanded Remote Workforce Attack Surface

Censys provides an automated monitoring solution, integrated with your existing IT work flow, to scan your employees’ home networks for exposures and vulnerabilities. The Censys HNRI ASM tool allows you to map your workforce, alerts you when risks are detected, and allows you to investigate changes over time.

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Home Network Risk Identifier


As a result of COVID-19, the “Attack Surface” that we once knew, made up of Internet-facing corporate assets, exploded exponentially to include the entire remotely dispersed workforce, without traditional asset monitoring for those home networks. In response to this rapid shift in operations, Censys launched the Home Network Risk Identifier (HNRI).

HNRI allows employers to monitor the home network infrastructure of their employees (anonymously, via IP address or VPN logs) for vulnerabilities that may pose a risk to the company.

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Home Network Risk Identifier


Employees can visit and instantly see any risks exposed on their home host. Detected vulnerabilities can be sent to IT departments, who can help remediate these risks and secure the home network.

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What is HNRI looking for?

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Exposed IOT and embedded devices, such as cameras and routers
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Exposed telnet, FTP, and the like - plaintext services found on many IOT devices and home routers - many with default credentials
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Remote desktop sharing, such as PCAnywhere and RDP
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Network management exposures, such as Intel AMT and SNMP
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Exposed Microsoft LAN protocols like SMB - a popular vector for ransomware

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