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Details about every asset that is used in your business

Every asset you already know about is in the Host view, as are any new ones that we discover during the global scanning process. Here, you’re getting that outside-in, attacker’s view of every single asset used in your business by all employees, contractors, and departments

What You'll See

IP address, name, clouds, ports, country, continent, country code, province, software, autonomous system, online, discover date, CVE, and services


You likely have thousands of assets in use and while having them all in one place is useful, you also need the ability to drill down into types of assets for analysis. Filter by IP address, clouds, port, etc.


Within the host detail page, you’ll be able to see all the data we were able to collect about that host from the Internet, including software it’s running and vulnerabilities tied to that host

The Trails features shows you exactly how we tied a host back to your organization. From this view, you can also click through each of the detail pages that make up the association trail

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Get a real-time view of all your organization's assets so you can proactively prevent threats.