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A timeline view of network and asset change events

Logbook shows you a timeline view of network and asset change events. When someone spins up a host anywhere in the world that is connected to your organization in any way, Censys detects that host and reports it in the timeline view.

Logbook quickly reveals any new or suspicious assets tied to your company.

Complex IT Infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure is complex, distributed, and dynamic - more groups in your organization now have the authority to make changes to IT. In order to be both compliant and as secure as possible, you need to stay on top of these updates. Logbook automatically tracks changes to your IT for you.

Limited Time and Resources

For most organizations building your own systems to do this work is out of scope due to limited time and resources. That's where Logbook comes in.


We show you when they come online, change and depart


We show you when they are opened and/or closed


We show you when it gets updated, when it needs patching, and whenever other changes occur. We also tell you when any of your software is susceptible to a newly discovered vulnerability


We show you when they're issued, if they're trusted or untrusted, and whether they have expired or are about to


We'll let you know when they're added, deleted, or other changes occur

Seamlessly integrate Logbook with the tools you already use

Get notifications in your existing workflow. Logbook integrates with your SIEM, orchestrations, and ticketing tools.

Rather than just adding noise, you can assign which alerts go to which systems, letting you get critical security notifications within the systems you're working in all day long.

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Get a real-time view of all your organization's assets so you can proactively prevent threats.