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The Challenge

Threat hunters are looking for needles in the haystack, which is why, contrary to popular belief, they need as big a haystack as possible. Anomalies only become apparent in a broad and comprehensive data set.

While open-source intelligence tools like ZMap, Masscan, and Nmap are great (especially for one-offs), they require significant overhead to manage: the volume is unwieldy, freshness is a concern without massive infrastructure investments, and structuring data for easy pivoting takes too much manpower.

The Censys Solution

The creators of ZMap founded Censys to provide reliable, fresh, and highly-indexed Internet-wide scan data at scale, giving organizations the best visibility into threats. Use the most comprehensive view of the Internet for your analysis with no maintenance.

Data Screen

The Best Data in the Industry

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Scanning 2,329 Ports across the entire IPv4 address space

2,329 Ports

Lightweight banner grabs on 2,329 popular ports.
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Port-Independent Protocol Detection

36 Protocols

Detection of 36 protocols across the 2,029 ports, allowing for intelligent identification of services running on non-standard ports.
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Deep Data Scan

36 Scan Modules

Structured, indexable data to make searches more productive.
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Largest Repository of TLS Certificates

3 Billion Total Certs

More than 3B certs ingested from scans and Certificate Transparency(CT) logs

5 Million Certs

5M Certs added daily

1,000 Indexed Fields

More than 1K+ attributes indexed

Choose the Format that Suits Your Needs




BigQuery, Downloads


High-Volume API


BigQuery, Downloads
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Run SQL queries on Censys Data in Google BigQuery. We do the ETL, you manage the GCP instance. This method enables you to regex the entire Internet and easily build a data pipeline.

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The API powers automation, providing flexibility to scale operations. Build your own integration or use our open-source CLI tool and Python Library. Censys data can enrich many security products and platforms.

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Download scan data in JSON format for maximum flexibility in custom workflows (Elasticsearch, Cassandra, AWS Redshift, etc.). This is a great fit for organizations who are building a “data lake” or for large enterprises with very strict privacy restrictions.

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The Censys Search WebUI operates like a search engine, with the ability to construct queries on 10K+ unique attributes for exploratory searches.

Enhance with Other Censys Products

Censys Attack Surface Management Product

If you’re leveraging Censys Data to find assets belonging to your organization, Censys can help! Our Attack Surface Management platform helps organizations understand their external exposures.

Attack Surface Management Screen

Download the Censys Data one pager