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See exactly how we associated an asset or device with your company

We don’t believe in black boxes. Don’t trust us just because we say we’re security experts — trust the data.

We Give You Full Access

You know your organization best, so we give you full access to our data so that you can explore our insights and notifications and understand exactly why we flagged those hosts as potentially risky.

We'll alert you about changes and events that may indicate a security risk, but you know the ins and outs of your business infrastructure and you need full access to the data so you can explore whether these issues pose a real risk to your business.

Trusted Data

Many IT tools provide security insights, but hide the data that supports those insights behind a black box. They don’t want to give their customers access to their proprietary data for fear of giving away their “secret sauce.” This puts their customers at a disadvantage: How are you expected to trust these products if you can’t actually access the data behind their assertions and notifications?

Censys data is the powerhouse behind our enterprise software offering for a very good reason — data isn't opinionated and doesn't make assumptions about your assets. While you still need those actionable insights from security experts, you should also have the full capability to see the data supporting those insights. We believe that transparent access to our raw data only enables you to do your job better. The Trail allows you to clearly understand and investigate the data trail for each and every host we find connected to your business.

At-a-glance view of the data for every asset used in your organization

The Trail information we provide gives you an at-a-glance view of the data for every asset used in your organization, with problem areas noted right within the data trail.

As we find new hosts, domain names, and other assets linked to your company, we present exactly how we pivoted to that asset from a known asset. This allows you to quickly understand how we linked this new, unknown asset to your organization. When you see an asset that you didn’t already know about, the Trail gives you an easy way into the data to understand the association details.

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