Case Studies

Lacework Labs Uses Censys to Enable Security in the Cloud

Lacework Labs is most interested in cloud security, so they use Censys to see their full attack surface, including all cloud services and applications where researchers often find a slew of vulnerabilities and misconfigurations

How FireEye Uses Censys in its Mission to Fight Adversaries

FireEye is an enterprise information security company, offering threat intelligence and security solutions...

A National CERT Group Uses Censys Data To Identify Security Risks

A national CERT group responsible for reducing the cyber risks faced by their country’s key systems and services...

A National Financial Institution Uses Censys to Fight Phishing and Certificate Impersonation

As an early adopter of Censys, a large financial institution shared information with us about how it uses Censys scans and queries...

A European Government Agency Defends Against Nation-State Attacks with Censys Data

We spoke with a large European government contractor named John* about how he’s been using Censys data to help do his job...


Relational Database Exposure Report

Current state of relational database (e.g., MySQL) exposed on the public Internet

CT Server Synchronization Status

List of CT servers we synchronize against and their current statuses

Defined Tags

List of tags that applied to hosts within Censys

Trusted NSS Authorities

Root and intermediate certificate authorities that are currently trusted by Mozilla NSS.

Recently Added Certificates

Certificates ordered by when we first saw them in Censys (descending)

Recently Updated Certificates

Certificates ordered by when they were last updated (descending)


Why Internet Data Should be a Part of Your Security Strategy

This whitepaper explains the practical application of using Internet security data to help security professionals get a holistic view of all of their infrastructure — even devices and hosts that are not in known corporate networks — so they can locate potential threats and security gaps.


Ars Technica: How to win (or at least not lose) the war on phishing? Enlist machine learning

It's Friday, August 3, and I have hooked a live one. Using StreamingPhish, a tool that identifies potential phishing sites by mining data on newly registered certificates...

VentureBeat: The Midwest’s best-kept secret is its vibrant cybersecurity community

Cisco’s announcement this month that it intends to acquire Ann Arbor-based cybersecurity startup Duo Security for a...

Crain's Detroit Business: The internet security company Dug Song is betting on

Dug Song knows a good internet security thing when he sees it. And he thinks he has seen it in Ann Arbor-based Censys Inc., which spun...


Let's go back in history for a moment, back to 2015: Security researchers from Austrian security company SEC Consult found that various connected devices...


Google plans to stop trusting Symantec certificates. When Chrome 66 hits Beta users on March 15, the browser will not recognize Symantec as a trusted certificate...

KrebsOnSecurity: Who’s Scanning Your Network? (A: Everyone)

Not long ago I heard from a reader who wanted advice on how to stop someone from scanning his home network, or at least recommendations about to whom...

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Company News

Censys Raises $2.6 Million Seed Round Led by GV and Greylock Partners

Company’s Unique Insights from Cybersecurity Researchers Provides Actionable Data to Help Businesses Secure Themselves Against Threats...

Censys Blog

Finding Oracle Database servers affected by CVE-2018-3110

Discover servers and devices that may have been unintentionally exposed to the Internet. Reduce your organization’s risk by patching or removing servers found by Censys. You can even search for specific versions of software running on servers that are known to be vulnerable.

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