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Attack Surface Management Buyer’s Guide


In 2020, an estimated 73% of cybersecurity incidents involved external cloud assets, according to the Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report. The disappearance of network perimeters, rise of shadow IT, and exposure from small cloud misconfigurations have fundamentally changed how data breaches occur in practice and shifted priorities for organizations. 

The Attack Surface Management Buyer’s Guide demonstrates how your organization can leverage ASM to discover Internet assets (e.g., hosts, services, websites, storage buckets) across all networks and cloud providers, provide a comprehensive inventory, reduce your compliance workload, and manage risk during mergers and acquisitions. 

What You’ll Gain from the Guide

Do you know how to choose an Attack Surface Management (ASM) Platform?   

We walk through the questions you should be asking at the start, like:

  • What are questions and checklist items you should have when selecting a vendor for ASM? 
  • Challenges organizations face when it comes to managing their external attack surface
  • Overview of the emerging ASM class of security products
  • Strategies for evaluating ASM functionality and quality
  • Content for building a business case for ASM

Interested in learning more about our ASM tool specifically? We’ll take you beyond the guide, create a custom report of your attack surface and get you a dedicated Censys ASM expert to help you along your way, schedule some time here.

Who Would Benefit from this Guide?

Our team has created The ASM Buyer’s Guide for security teams and leaders interested in learning about core capabilities and features to look for when selecting an ASM vendor. 

Download the Guide