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Defend Your Attack Surface With Complete Visibility

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Triage, Respond, Rinse, Repeat

In a modern SOC, the pace is relentless and the cycle is endless: detect, investigate, and respond quickly and correctly to new and emerging threats. While the threats are always changing, the core principles of successful threat triage and analysis rely on capable analysts who have the resources they need.


Our Assessment, Your Playbook

Censys attack surface management platform is designed to help security analysts with 5 challenges that plague their playbooks:

Inventory Slide Image


Eliminate the unknown with a complete inventory of Internet assets, Analysts can assure that they are all being monitored appropriately.
Investigation Slide


Fresh scan data allows analysts to explore all of their Internet assets with no fear of out-of-date information as they follow the playbook.
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Understand risks associated with each of those assets including:
  • Potential asset expiry
  • Software vulnerabilities such as CVEs
  • Inappropriate exposure of services to the Internet
Prioritization Slide


Censys categorizes risks so you know what to tackle first.
Remediation Slide


Primary and secondary recommendations are provided for every risk, and an activity feed that confirms changes to assets from an outside-in perspective allow you to verify that risks are properly remediated.

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It’s the Age of Vulnerabilities Everywhere

The responsibilities of vulnerability management programs have increased dramatically in recent years. Now more than ever, the surface area that the team is tasked with protecting includes assets of a wide variety of types spread across the globe:

Traditional Data Icon
Traditional data center assets
Cloud Hosts Icon
Cloud hosts & managed services
Traditional Web Applications Icon
Traditional web applications
Containerized Icon
Containerized, microservice applications
Vulnerability management programs have evolved to keep pace with new asset types, but every security engineer knows:
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You can only protect what you know you know about.

See Everything, Patch Everything

Having an accurate, up-to-date inventory of hosts is at the core of your defense, but few companies invest in an up-to-date system of record, which makes unwelcome surprises on the VM team. Enter Censys. Censys can supercharge your vulnerability management program by identifying assets you might not know about.

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Work In the Apps You Already Use

Use the Censys API to drive exploration of new assets, adding them to your existing VM program and procedures. If you use Tenable.io, then this connection is automated: Censys automatically places all newly discovered assets into a separate asset list.

Censys Apps

Download the Censys Attack Surface Management data sheet

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Visibility Equals Control

In the world of IT asset management, surprises are usually heralds of woe. When you are responsible for your organization’s servers, networks, and computer systems, inventory is not just important, it’s absolutely indispensable.

Censys Dashboard Screen

Challenges in Modern IT

Assets Icon
Assets acquired outside of the control of IT
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Employee’s work computers exposed from their home network
User Lock Icon
Suspicious login behavior indicating compromised passwords
Eyeball on Browser Icon
Unpatched software on Internet facing websites and applications
Processor Shield Icon
Ephemeral assets that linger in inventory

See Everything, Protect Everything

Censys puts you in control with complete visibility. Is it ours? Where is it? What software is it running? When did it become misconfigured? See the whole picture with Censys.

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