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Trusted Data for Protecting Complex National Infrastructure

The best Internet data for disentangling advanced nation-state threats and understanding the complex attack surface of your country.

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Definitive Data for Government Needs

Censys helps governments proactively manage their nation’s attack surface by comprehensively uncovering how government agencies and critical infrastructure providers are exposed on the Internet as well as providing data to government threat hunters to aid the discovery of complex patterns in attack infrastructure.

Government Radar

Attack Surface Management for Government Agencies

Censys Attack Surface Management helps security teams manage the external exposure of large government agencies by automatically finding vulnerable Internet-facing assets even when teams may not have access to directly scan or configure those systems.

Government Attack Surface Management Screen

Deep, Up to Date Data for Threat Hunters

Government agencies use Censys IPv4 scan and certificate data to uncover complex patterns in attacker infrastructure, identify C2 infrastructure, and tag malicious traffic. Data is accessible via streaming and bulk download so that analysis can be performed onsite in a controlled environment.

Deep Up to Date Data Screen

Data & Tools for Defending National Infrastructure

CERT groups and other defensive teams use Censys industrial control system scans to help uncover publicly facing critical infrastructure and prioritize the response to critical vulnerabilities.

Data and Tools Screen