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The Best Defense Is a Good Offense

In the shifting world of digital security, threat hunters turn the tables by proactively identifying attacker infrastructure and rooting out bad actors.

The Most Comprehensive Internet Dataset, Period

Censys helps threat hunters uncover complex patterns in attacker infrastructure, find compromised hosts across the Internet, and proactively identify their own organization’s vulnerable assets by providing trusted ground-truth data about all IPv4 hosts and known X.509 certificates through a search engine, REST API, Maltego integration, and bulk data download.

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Trusted, Transparent, Unopinionated IPv4 Scan Data

Censys provides the industry standard data about IPv4 hosts by continually scanning the Internet on over 2,000 ports from multiple global vantage points. Use highly structured, up-to-date IPv4 data to understand the similarities between compromised botnet hosts, disentangle C2 infrastructure, and annotate network logs to uncover malicious behavior.

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Largest Collection of X.509 Certificates

Censys maintains the largest dataset of 3 billion parsed and browser-validated X.509 certificates collected from Internet scans and public Certificate Transparency servers. Use certificates to find recently set up malicious infrastructure, impersonation domains, and new C2 servers.

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Powerful Investigative Web Interface

Our web interface allows you to easily find specific hosts by indexing nearly every aspect of how hosts are configured and allowing complex boolean logic and regular expressions searches over those fields. Investigate individual hosts as well as pivot to related infrastructure.

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Work in the Apps You
Already Use

Combine Censys data with the other data sources you trust in your own environment using our REST API or use Censys in industry standard tools like Maltego through ready-to-go integrations. Or, load data into your data processing pipeline through bulk data downloads and Google BigQuery tables.

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