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Pre-Order the 2022 State of the Internet Report by Censys


August 5, 2022

About the Report

The Internet has revolutionized how we communicate, share information, and do business. Digital security is no longer a concern just for the Computing and Information Technology space, as organizations across industries have a growing digital footprint. Understanding the sprawl of your public-facing assets, or your “attack surface,” is more pressing. Without this meaningful visibility, protecting your digital systems is a guessing game.

Censys maintains the most comprehensive view of the public Internet by continuously scanning the public IPv4 address space across its most popular ports. This data powers our attack surface management (ASM) platform, which maps weak points across an organization’s infrastructure. These systems provide a valuable lens into the rapidly changing attack surface of the Internet. Censys is uniquely positioned to contribute the insights that will empower security practitioners to build the more secure web of tomorrow.

The report, authored by the Censys Research Team, examines the Internet through several lenses:

  • The Internet as a Whole: We explore some of the most common services on the Internet, and look at where they run.
  • The Attack Surface of the Internet: We analyze over 2 million hosts from our Internet-wide scan data to determine the most common Censys-visible risks and vulnerabilities on the Internet.
  • The Internet’s Response to Major Vulnerabilities: We study time to remediation for several prominent vulnerabilities, including the Log4j remote code execution (RCE) vulnerability and the GitLab RCE and botnet (CVE-2021-22205).
  • Organizations on the Internet: We used our ASM platform to generate attack surfaces for 37 large companies. We share what we learned about the public Internet-facing footprints of these companies, including cloud sprawl, and how their risk and vulnerability profiles compare to the Internet as a whole.
  • What our customers and security leaders think: Censys conducted a series of customer interviews as well as a quantitative study of security professionals to provide a holistic perspective on the most important insights from the report.

Ahead of the release of this report we would like to give you the opportunity to pre-order it. What will pre-ordering our report get you?

  • A sneak peek into some of our findings
  • Exclusive invites to upcoming webinars, including the opportunity to discuss the data with the Censys Research Team and ask questions
  • An entry to win a 6 month, single user license to Censys’s Pro Data service*


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