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The 2023 State of the Internet Report | Get Your Copy Today

The Forrester External Attack Surface Management Landscape Report


January 27, 2023

Considering an External Attack Surface Management (EASM) solution, or curious to learn more about how EASM could help your security team better protect the organization?

In the External Attack Surface Management Landscape , Q1 2023 Report, Forrester provides an overview of the evolving EASM market, along with EASM use cases and detail on more than three dozen vendors in the space.

Forrester also includes Censys among notable vendors in the report, noting our industry focus on Government, Healthcare, and High-Tech products.

What You’ll Gain from the Report

Get your copy of the Forrester Landscape Report to learn more about:

  • The business value of EASM: how does it help security teams do their jobs better?
  • EASM market maturity and key dynamics
  • Notable vendors in the space, and the geographic regions and industries they serve
  • EASM core use cases, functionality use cases, and extended use cases
  • How Censys fits into the EASM landscape

Download the report today for an informative, third-party perspective of what EASM is all about!

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