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Relevant, near real-time security insights about every asset in your attack surface.

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The Challenge

Getting up-to-date information about your assets is a security challenge every organization faces. Today, in our cloud-first environment, the challenge is made even more difficult, as the concept of a managed, firewall-protected network is a thing of the past.

Our Solution

What you need is relevant real-time data, not just more data. Get an automated list of every single host, domain, or service used within your business, including those outside your known networks.

  • Censys indexes the entirety of the Internet and refreshes that data continuously, so you get a constantly updated view or your attack surface.
  • Not every issue is an emergency that requires immediate action, but many risky software misconfigurations and vulnerabilities can be easily fixed. The biggest issue is just in finding them.
  • We flag suspicious assets as well as those that have been recently changed or added.

The Challenge

Security solutions that provide recommendations and prioritization services usually don’t provide full transparency into how and why they made those suggestions. Often seen as “proprietary information,” these products expect you to take their advice at face value.

Our Solution

You know your business better than anyone else can. We give you the visibility you need to see everything and we provide our insights into why we think assets or certificates needs your attention.

  • Security insights and risk prioritizations allow you to pivot and explore those issues right within the dashboard.
  • Our insights are all driven by our trusted, near real-time Internet scan data, so there’s no “secret sauce” behind our advice.
  • Get full access to Censys data through our web interface and APIs.
  • Our data has been trusted by security researchers and threat hunters since 2013, and with their input, we’ve been continuously scanning data that’s relevant to mitigating risk.
  • With Censys, you get an attacker’s view of your infrastructure, as well as the ability to explore each asset in detail.

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