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Relevant, near real-time security insights about every asset in your attack surface.

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The Challenge

If notifications only appear in a single, siloed product that isn’t regularly monitored, they go unnoticed, leaving security gaps in your business.

Our Solution

Get notifications where you need them, within the SIEM, ticketing, and orchestration systems you’re already using.

  • Integrates full into your security program workflow and tools.
  • Provides relevant security insights about your organization within hours of setup.
  • Works without any agents or network reconfiguration, so there’s nothing new to manage or maintain.
  • Instant notifications on high-priority issues help secure your business, not distract your team.
  • You don’t need an alert for every single issue within your organization. Customize what level of security risk is required to prompt an alert for your team.
  • We also flag low-risk items, as well as medium to high risk security issues, helping you focus on securing your organization first and then working over time to improve your security hygiene overall by tackling the lower-risk issues (such as misconfigurations and certificates that expire in a month or two)

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