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Get an attacker’s view of your organization to prevent data breaches.

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Prevent attacks rather than reacting to them

  • Break the cycle of reacting to threats and get the visibility and insights your team needs to focus on proactively preventing attacks.
  • Automate regular security risk assessments so that your team can manage and mitigate risks in near real time.

Streamline workflows and get security insights in minutes

  • Censys plugs into your existing systems to notify your team instantly to new risks and threats.
  • Within hours, a customized dashboard provides actionable insights curated from our trusted Internet security data.

Save time and resources with automated near real-time monitoring

  • Reduce the manual effort on vulnerability management with Censys’ automated notifications.
  • Censys flags suspicious activity and fraudulent domains so that you can take them down before exploits and phishing campaigns are launched.

Protect your business between annual pentests

  • Annual or quarterly pentests run by hired experts are very worthwhile, but getting a 40-page report of insecurities to fix at the end of every year can be a strain on your team.
  • Get alerts in near real time when new assets (domains, services, and certificates) are added so your team can explore whether they are legitimate and secure.
  • Quickly explore new vulnerabilities, threats, and misconfigurations as soon as those issues are uncovered to minimize risk to your business.
  • These ongoing security checks and assessments will lower the burden on your pentests and help your team automate the process of continuously protecting your business

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Get a real-time view of all your organization's assets so you can proactively prevent threats.