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The Challenge

One of the biggest challenges for IT teams today is the lack of visibility into an ever-changing, widely-distributed infrastructure. Employees add new cloud assets and services daily without realizing that those hosts could present serious security risks to the company.

Between your internal employees and external consultants, it can seem almost impossible to truly see your entire attack surface, including all those applications that aren’t corporate-owned and managed.

Vulnerability scanners miss the assets that live outside of IT’s known attack surface, which leaves all those assets within the realm of Shadow IT, unmonitored and potentially vulnerable to exploits and malware.

Our Solution

See every service, domain, and asset your employees are using through the Censys dashboard. Behind the scenes, we're continuously scanning the entire Internet to find everything connected to your organization, including:

  • A certificate using your domain or a similar one (misspellings included).

Newly-created accounts from employees using their corporate email account for cloud services, such as:

  • File-sharing services.
  • Event or promotional domains for one-off projects.
  • Websites, applications, and services employees create for the business.
  • Staging servers and other development sites accidentally exposed online.
  • Hosts, services, and domains owned by contractor, vendor, or partner groups that can put your organization at risk:
  • Contractor or external vendor-owned properties.
  • Sites and services owned by other business units acquired during a merger.
  • Software and external vendor/partner-owned hosts used in the supply chain.

The Challenge

New vulnerabilities are announced daily and it can be a drain on limited resources just to filter through all of those bugs to determine if any of your infrastructure is vulnerable.

It’s not just vulnerabilities you need to worry about, either, but even small changes to your infrastructure can lead to risky misconfiguration errors and permissions issues.

Our Solution

  • Censys’ LogBook feature shows you any changes made in your attack surface so that you can explore anything that looks risky or suspicious.
  • Quickly understand your risk to new software vulnerabilities that you hear about in the news or in your own data feeds. If your hosts and services need to be patched or updated, Censys notifies you right in the dashboard.
  • Get an automated list of your assets so you don’t have to rely entirely on vulnerability management spreadsheets. Based on our constantly updated data, Censys will become your go-to source for the latest information about your attack surface.

The Challenge

When your company acquires a new business or merges with another business unit, your IT team suddenly becomes responsible for an entirely new attack surface.

Just like the network infrastructure you’ve already been managing, this new distributed asset structure requires securing and, potentially, patching and updating.

For IT teams, this essentially means doubling the workload. Incorporating a business means acquiring all of their assets and infrastructure — as well as their insecurities and vulnerabilities.

Our Solution

Along with this high-level, global view, you’ll see flagged infrastructure that requires further investigation.

You can also discover assets used in the business, which that group’s IT team wasn’t even aware of. Those areas are now your inherited risks and need to be secured and managed accordingly, but Censys can help.

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