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The Challenge

With new vulnerabilities discovered daily and getting attention in the press, it’s an ongoing battle just keeping software patched and secured. IT teams often spend the majority of their time just determining if they own affected software and locating it within their infrastructure.

Our Solution

Get an up-to-date list for your vulnerability management tasks and get to work without manually sifting through the noise.

We automatically analyze Critical Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) data feeds and assesses whether your assets are affected by those weaknesses. After a critical vulnerability is added to CVE feeds, we'll alert you in a matter of hours if your infrastructure is affected. Once we flag it, you can isolate, patch, or update that service to remediate the issue.

By finding and flagging affected servers and hosts automatically, you can focus on updating vulnerable software and securing it, saving time and quickly mitigating risks before exploits are launched.

The Challenge

Phishing is one of the easiest, and most common, type of threats against businesses. The reason it’s so popular with attackers is that end users and employees keep clicking suspicious links, and unknowingly putting the business at risk.

For IT and security teams that are focused on trying to keep assets secure and minimize access by unauthorized users, getting ahead of phishing attacks before they’re launched to employees or customers can seem impossible.

Our Solution

Rather than dealing with the aftermath of those attacks, get the visibility you need to stop them before the phishing campaigns are ever launched.

With notifications in near real time, in the programs the team is already working within, phishing attacks can be stopped before they ever get started.

By monitoring attacker infrastructure, like newly issued certificates using your brand, you can issue takedown requests and prevent phishing attacks and malware distribution.

The Challenge

The software, applications, processes, infrastructure, and third-party vendors of the supply chain can introduce high-risk vulnerabilities into your environment. The primary issue is a lack of visibility into these areas.

If you’re not managing the supply chain as well as you do with your owned IT, you’re missing significant security gaps in your business. Often, these areas fly under the radar, leaving IT teams blind and your company exposed.

Our Solution

Near real-time visibility into every single asset in use within your supply chain helps you secure your organization against unnecessary exposures and risk. Rather than focusing only on your known, owned IT infrastructure, we give you the global, attacker’s view of your attack surface.

See your organization, as a whole, from the outside in. With this comprehensive view, you can protect everything within your supply chain, alongside your known, managed assets.

The Challenge

On average, enterprise businesses must maintain thousands of certificates to keep their websites and services online and secure. Managing all those certificates manually can quickly become a full time job.

Relying on a simple spreadsheet to manage certificates often leads to security risks due to human error and outdated information.

Our Solution

In Censys Enterprise you can get a high-level view of all of your current certificates in use and receive notifications about any that are about to expire or are otherwise anomalous (self-signed certificates, for example).

And, of course, you’ll be alerted about newly issued certificates that appear to be suspicious or fraudulent and may be attacker infrastructure so that you can issue takedown requests and stop attacks in their tracks.

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