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Use Cases

Defend Your Internet Assets With Accuracy and Precision

Your attack surface is your largest threat vector. Censys provides comprehensive, real-time Internet attack surface discovery and Internet scan data to help security teams clearly see their digital risk and exposure.

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Discover Unknown
Internet Assets
Comprehensive Inventory
Identify and
Remediate Internet Risks
Ensure Organizational

Censys Attack Surface Management Platform

ASM creates a clear picture of your actual attack surface, not just what you think you know about. Continual discovery and monitoring of assets means you can quickly remediate risks and exposures for your organization.

Continuous Internet Asset Discovery and Inventory

Censys Attack Surface Management discovers unknown and unmanaged digital assets—including services, hosts, websites, storage buckets, and cloud accounts—across all clouds and networks in real time.

This visibility provides a comprehensive, fresh inventory of all Internet assets that could potentially become a backdoor for threat actors. Security teams can quickly understand asset configuration, ownership, history, and relationship to other organizational assets, as well as identify anomalous assets.

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Risk Detection and Remediation

Through algorithmic discovery and automated attribution, Censys provides the most accurate and up-to-date view of your attack surface.

Integrate Censys ASM data into existing vulnerability management, web security, and CSPM tools to continuously discover, monitor, and identify Internet weaknesses and misconfigurations—including expiring certificates, End-of-Life software, and insecure TLS configurations—that traditional tools don’t monitor.

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M&A and Subsidiary Risk Analysis

According to Forbes, 40% of acquiring companies engaged in an M&A transaction have discovered a cybersecurity problem during the post-acquisition integration of the acquired company.

Knowing what to protect is fundamental to any security program. Censys provides a holistic view of all the Internet-facing assets belonging to your new and existing companies, including unknown assets across cloud providers, so you can protect your organization from unnecessary exposures or breaches.

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Cloud Security and Governance

Cloud assets change constantly. A single misconfigured asset—like a storage bucket or database—can lead to a catastrophic data breach.

Censys Attack Surface Management instantly uncovers unknown cloud accounts and identifies misconfigured assets across all cloud providers so you can securely migrate them into managed accounts, while traditional cloud solutions analyze cloud accounts in mainstream providers that you already know about.

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Censys Data & Search 2.0

We continuously scan 101 protocols across the top 3,500 ports on the full IPv4 address space every 10 days and the top 100 IPv4 ports daily to produce a high-resolution map of the public Internet and give threat hunters, attack surface managers, and other security professionals visibility like never before

Threat Hunting, Research, and Reporting

Investigations into advanced threat actors require a global perspective on Internet hosts and services to uncover and understand attacker infrastructure.

Censys continually scans the IPv4 address on over 2,500 ports from multiple global vantage points, and maintains the largest publicly searchable x.509 certificate repository in the world. Depending on your team’s needs, you can access or ingest our data via our web interface, API, or through raw data downloads to process on your own infrastructure.

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See Your Organization’s Attack Surface In Real Time

By requesting a demo, the Censys team can show you your attack surface as it exists today and strategize with your team how to get the most out of the platform. We use the most comprehensive data available to quickly enable security strategies that result in an airtight attack surface.

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