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Visibility Is the Greatest Need for Security Teams Today

As your attack surface expands and evolves, so do your risks. Migration to the cloud, a massive shift to remote work, and rapid growth of IoT makes visibility and accurate inventory increasingly difficult.

Discover Unknown Assets on Your Attack Surface

Security teams can't keep up with the new types of digital assets that pose security risks, and comprehensively finding them on the Internet is nearly impossible. Censys identifies your publicly accessible assets and the risks they pose—even if they can't be scanned by your Vulnerability Assessment solution.

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Monitor & Secure Your Remote Workforce

Working from home means risks live on home networks that lack traditional monitoring. Censys helps you understand the Internet exposure of your home workforce.

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Increase in remote workers in 2020

Identify Threat Infrastructure & Actors

Disentangling attack infrastructure requires a global perspective of all Internet hosts and historical records of the services they were running prior to compromise. Censys Data helps threat hunting teams understand C2 servers and attacker behavior.

47 Percent
Traffic from IPs have malicious intent
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