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Why Censys?

Monitor and Discover
Discover and Monitor All Your Assets in Near Real-Time
Actionable Insights
Actionable Insights and Alerting on High-Risk Issues
Risk Mitigation
Stay Ahead by Proactively Mitigating Risk
Work Within the Systems You’re Already Using

Monitor and Discover

Annual pentests are great, but if you don’t have continuous visibility of your assets, your business can be exposed between tests

Run your own internal assessments regularly, with minimal effort.
Find unknown assets that employees are using without your knowledge.
Get an attacker’s view of your organization with a full view of your constantly evolving attack surface.
Censys provides near real time visibility allowing your team to continuously fix issues as they arise.

Actionable Insights

Real-time data feeds without the right context simply add more noise without adding valuable insight into issues that require attention

Not just more data, but relevant data.
Data is only useful if it helps you mitigate risks. If your team is distracted by unimportant alerts, they’re not able to focus on what really matters.
Censys flags and prioritizes security issues based on the risks they present. Click through into the asset details to explore issues further, right from the dashboard.

Risk Mitigation

New software vulnerabilities & phishing attacks occur daily. It’s difficult to tell which risks affect your company

Censys notes when any of your assets are affected by vulnerabilities in real time. When new CVEs are reported and confirmed, Censys automatically scans your assets to see which are affected and require action.
Get alerts when new suspicious certificates are found that are connected to your domain or similar, likely fraudulent, domains.
This pre-attack infrastructure is often the first step in phishing campaigns. Taking those fake domains down stops phishing attacks before they’re launched and can cause damage.


Alerts hidden within a platform your team isn’t using regularly don’t provide value

Censys notifications appear within the systems your team is monitoring daily, including SIEMs, orchestration platforms, and ticketing systems.
Relevant alerts help secure the business without disrupting the team’s workflow.
Unlike other digital risk protection platforms, Censys doesn’t require any agents to install and manage.

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